Our family has always blended authentic hospitality with tradition and enological excellence. Our mission is to share with you the values that distinguish us by elegance.

About us

We are an agritourism company with a deep passion for producing high quality wines. Our passion for wine is the driving force behind everything we do. Every process, from vineyard care to winemaking, is steeped in love, and it is with this belief that we grow our grapes and transform them into wines that tell the story of our land and our commitment.

Our facility, an historic farm located in Montecarlo, in the province of Lucca, has gone through significant evolution over the years, acquiring over time a more structured and contemporary vision. Our wine is the result of careful selection and represents a unique experience, standing out from the traditional Tuscan wine offering.

Art of enology

Our philosophy is based on craftsmanship and attention to detail. We believe that the quality of our wine lies in our ability to work the vineyards, to select grapes with care and to adopt traditional winemaking techniques, but with a keen eye for innovation. We take pride in preserving the techniques that have been handed down to us over generations, thus ensuring an authentic, high-quality product.


Authentic taste, sincere hospitality, indelible memories.


For over twenty-five years, we have been dedicated to the production of fine wines with a passion that has been and still is the backbone of our work. Indeed, it is with a certain pride that we carry on this tradition and share with you the unique essence of our vineyards and the magic of an enological journey that winds between past and present.


Our unwavering commitment to producing high quality wines has led to extraordinary results. Our wines have been awarded and recognized nationally and internationally for their excellence and are the result of the constant commitment and tireless work of our team. All this drives us to always give our best to exceed our customers’ expectations.


Our vision is to create a unique experience for our guests, combining tourism, gastronomy and relaxation, offering them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of the surrounding nature and have an unforgettable cultural experience. We want our guests to feel part of our family and to take with them precious memories of the moments spent at our farm. That is why we are constantly striving to improve ourselves and provide excellent service by enhancing the relationship between man and nature with the production of organic and vegan wines.